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CBD Business & Biodiversity Forum 2015

“Practices, Solutions and the Way Forward”

11–12 November, Helsinki, Finland

12 November (Thursday)

Session 6   09:05–11:10

Finance and Biodiversity: Panel Discussion

  • Introduction - Mr. Strahil ChristovPolicy Officer, DG Environment, Biodiversity, European Commission
  • Environmental Responsibility Impacting on Investment Portfolios (Safeguards) - Mr. Rene Gomez-Garcia Palao
  • Viability of Corporate Green Bonds for Biodiversity Conservation
  • Financing Mechanisms for Biodiversity - Mr. Anders NordheimProgramme Coordinator for Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Water, UNEP FI
  • Approaches to Financing for Biodiversity - Ms. Eva Mayerhofer, Lead Environmental and Biodiversity Specialist, Environment, Climate and Social Office, EIB
  • Panel Discussion


Session 7   11:40–13:00

The Way Forward — Briefings

  • Intoruduction - Mr. Gerard Bos, Director of IUCN Global Business and Biodiversity Programme
  • The Finnish Business & Biodiversity Initiative - Mr.Mikko Routti, Executive Director, FIBS
  • The EU Business & Biodiversity Platform - Mr. Strahil ChristovPolicy Officer, DG Environment, Biodiversity, European Commission
  • Business and Biodiversity Engagement in Other Forums - Mr. David Steuerman, Business and Biodiversity Programm Officer, SCBD
  • Briefing on Technical Workshops - Ms. Kristina Neumann, Junior Programme Officer Business and Biodiversity, SCBD


Session 8   13:45–16:00

Results of the Event

Panel Discussion

  • Introduction of the Panel - Amy Fraenkel, Principal Officer, SCBD
  • Panel Discussion
  • Road to Mexico COP 13 Business & Biodiversity Forum
  • Wrap up and Key Take-Home messages
  • Close of the Forum