Opening by Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn, Finland

Moderator Nicklas Wancke, journalist

10:20-13:45 National policies and incentives for a green transition

Finland aiming high – The need for a comprehensive strategy Keynote Anne Vehviläinen (Ministry of

Agriculture and Forestry of Finland)

Excellent Nordic policies and incentives for bioeconomy and green transition Keynote Jukka Teräs



Green Growth the Nordic Way: Results from the Nordic Prime Ministers’ Initiative
Keynote Annika Rosing (Nordic Council of Ministers)


Financing green solutions Keynote Magnus Rystedt (NEFCO)

International outlook: Biobased Economy in the Netherlands; Where are we now and where in 2030? Keynote Kees W. Kwant (Netherlands Enterprise Agency)

The German Energiewende – An ambitious policy for green transition Keynote Hans Koeppel (German Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Discussion Kwant & Koeppel

13:45-17:00 Innovative green solutions for regions and businesses. Focus and network in the market place & parallel sessions


13:45-15:00 Coffee & Meet Green Growth Nordic Way projects, green cities and enterprises in the market place


15:00-17:00 Parallel sessions:


Intro to parallel sessions


3. Towards a Nordic Bioeconomy


Hordur Kristinsson (MATIS Iceland)


Eero Mikkola (LUKE Finland)


Isa-Maria Bergman (Motiva Finland)


Panel discussion


Anne-Mette Sorensen  (Langvad, Central Denmark Region´s Initiative)


Anders Olsson (Region Värmland/Paper Province)


Johannes Vallivaara & Ilari Havukainen (Arctic Bioeconomy Cluster Lapland)



Commentary, Mads Randboll-Wolff (Nordic bioeconomy expert)



17.15-17.30 Sweden’s role in the Nordic bioeconomy, Keynote Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht (Sweden)










9:00-12:45 Competitive and sustainable regions as engines for green transition

Innovations in biofuels – A matter of life and death, Keynote Mika Anttonen (ST1 Energy company)


Rising policy conflicts on the way towards a European bioeconomy: A multi-level governance perspective,

Keynote Charlotta Söderberg (Luleå University of Technology)


10.00 Break


Regions as engines for green transition - panel session

Joint session with Nelli Mikkola (Nordregio), Professor Hans Westlund (KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

Stockholm), Professor Margareta Dahlström (Karlstad University), Anders Olsson (Region Värmland) and

Karen Refsgaard (TRIBORN project) on regional policies and tools for green transition.


Panel discussion


Ask the researchers, share experiences and listen to short presentations of projects and networks, like Swedish Ekokommuner, HINKU and the Nordic Green to Scale


Nordic Cooperation for Green Transition Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten (Nordic Council of Ministers)

and Director Hans Jørgen Koch (Nordic Energy Research)

Concluding remarks by Director Kjell Nilsson (Nordregio)


Additional programme

13:30-17:00 Finnish bioeconomy at work - study tour to Espoo

13:30-15:00 Stepping up green impact with hybrid solutions (IEA report launch on the premises)