Information and Communication Technology Services for
Environment, Safety and Security in the Baltic Sea

Time and place: 12.4.2010, Exhibition and Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland

9:10 User driven space applications for the Baltic area region - Relevant examples
Pierluigi Mancini, Head of the Awareness Activities and Feasibility Studies Division, ESA & Tony Sephton, Awareness Manager for Integrated Applications Promotion, ESA
Modus operandi of ESA telecommunication and integrated application programme.

10:00 EMODNET - from observation to information
Hans Dahlin, EMODNET expert group and Executive Director of EuroGOOS, Sweden

11:00 Case Examples of Needs in Safety and Security Sector
ICT services for safety and environmental management at sea and port
Prof Ulla Tapaninen, University of Turku, Kotka Maritime Research Centre

Ice service - Ari Seinä, Head of Ice Research and Ice Service, Finnish Meteorological Institute

11:40 Case Examples of Needs in Environmental Monitoring Sector
Future trends in radar monitoring
- Pekka Sjöman, Director, DA-Design

Oil spill response and Integrated coastal surveillance systems

Juhani Laukkanen, Engineering Manager,
Furuno Finland Oy

The Baltic Sea – Challenges for international cooperation
Juha-Markku Leppänen, Research Manager, Finnish Environment Institute/Marine Research

13:30 Parallel Workshop Sessions (coffee/snack buffet during the sessions)
1. Workshop on safety and security sector
Moderator: Timo Hellenberg, CEO, Hellenberg International Ltd.

Maritime Business Intelligence – Challenges in Proactively Identifying Threats and Initiating
Preventive Actions in a Multinational Maritime Environment
Mikkel Verner Nielsen, Systematic Software Engineering A/S, Denmark
Identification of sector topics and recommendations for future calls

2. Workshop on environmental monitoring sector
Moderator: Andris Andrusaitis, Program Manager, BONUS
Monitoring Baltic Sea eutrophication from space
Prof Susanne Kratzer, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Identification of sector topics and recommendations for future calls

3. Workshop on funding cooperation – reaching out a draft for a funding roadmap
Moderator: Tuomo Suortti, Senior Technology Adviser, Tekes
Presentation of ideas for funding roadmap - Kaisa Kononen, Executive Director, BONUS EEIG
Finding the funding scheme for the planned call between the partners

15:30 Conclusion of the workshop
Workshop sessions 1&2: presentation the conclusions for potential call themes
Workshop session 3: presentation of the draft funding roadmap