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Cities for people with tactical urbanism: Skateboarding
Webinar programme, Tuesday 9 February, 14.30–16.00

Keynote speakers:

  • Iain Borden: City for People and Skateboarding
  • Kristin Ebeling: Skate Like a Girl!
  • Gustav Svanborg-Edén: Skating & Urban Co-Design in Malmö, Sweden
  • Mikko Kyrönviita: Activists and the Self-made City

Panel discussion: Learning from the Skateboard Park

Participants: Teemu Grönlund, chairman, Finnish Skateboard Association and chairman, Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat nonprofit skateboarding NGO, Samuli Heino, project manager, Chasing the Spot movement,  Carlos Lamuela, urbanist and architect, FCG. The conversation will be chaired by Jani Päivänen of FCG.