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Nord StarT Climate Education Event

 Time: 9.2.2022 at 1pm to 4pm

 Warm welcome to hear about Nordic climate and sustainability education. During this hour-long virtual event you’ll have a chance to hear experts and teachers speak about Nordic climate and sustainability education from early childhood education to upper secondary education. In addition, we will showcase children’s and young people’s concrete ideas to combat climate change.  Main part of the event is presenting the winners of the Nord StarT climate change competition. The competition aims to gather children, youth and adults to brainstorm concrete means for the fight against climate change.



13.00 Welcome!

13.05 Speech by the Minister of Education Li Andersson

13.10 Nord START climate change competition: announcement of winners and presentation of  best projects by children and young people

13.20 Engaging makers of future on math, science and technology through the LUMA ecosystem, prof. Maija Aksela, LUMA Centre Finland/University of Helsinki

13.30 Speech on sustainable development and the importance of Nordic cooperation, project leader Håkon Halgrimsen, Ministry of Research and Education, Norway

13.35 Discussion on climate and sustainability education in the Nordic countries

13.55 Nord START climate change competition: best educational practices and ideas by teachers and educators

14.00 Final words and thank you


Read more about the Nord StarT competition: